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What is The Journey?

Our Purpose: Leading With Our Heart

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Partners & Affiliates

Mission #1: The Journey Grant Program

A percentage of every sale will go to fund our very own

Grant Program to support underprivileged children

whose art, music, theater, and STEM programs are being defunded.

The funds will go directly from the mint into the wallet as a separate holding, transparent - showing that the Blockchain doesn't lie.

Mission #2: Artist Support Fund

A percentage of every sale will flow into a secondary wallet specifically designated to support artists and musicians currently selling their work on the Blockchain.

*Follow our artist support collection on OS at thejourney.888


Our missions will allow the children supported by our grant programs to take their first steps on their journey along their path toward greatness and one day become the artists, musicians and developers just like those making history building Web 3 today!


What is a Series?

"The Journey" series will feature several characters, each individually presented as limited NFT drops. 

The first drop features the character: The ALPHA.

The collection of characters will each be featured in the story of "The Journey".

ALPHA Holder Perks

At The Journey, along with donating to our important causes, we want to celebrate our ALPHA holders in real life and in Web3. Whether it is access to an exclusive event, dinner, or party, early access to discounted NFT mints, or even surprise "thank you" gifts, the first holders will always be rewarded. ALPHA characters will also be the only in the series to have "OG" traits such as the OG sneakers, jewelry, and exclusive OG ALPHA streetwear.

Minting Schedule

The Journey - The ALPHA is Sold Out!

Donation to Artist Support Fund: thejourney.888

Read below for more details.

The Legend of the ALPHA

The first character in "The Journey" series is The ALPHA, a true OG in this space. Like many of us in Web3, someone who has been here from Day 1; a believer in the future, and a believer in themselves. They have a lot to learn, will experience many changes, and meet frens (and degens) along the way.

As The Journey continues, the ALPHA character will encounter several others along the path toward greatness. You will decide whether some of them are friends or enemies. Building a crew that can be trusted is no small task. Remember that sometimes we are forced to work with those we do not always get along with. Collecting multiple characters may also unlock exclusive rewards.

The unrevealed artwork for The ALPHA was a robotic silhouette that was not yet activated, turned on, or FIRED UP. This represents the idea, supported by our missions, that all young people need something to inspire them and have that creative light turn on in their eyes. Once The ALPHA is activated and begins their journey, they are unstoppable!

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The Team

Our Advisors

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